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Elise's Edits | Why Find Your Own Writer When Google Can do it for You? (Or Can It?)

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Can You Relate?

You’re a pretty good writer and you have a solid grasp on how to get your online content out there, but what you don’t have is time. You know what kind of content you want to publish, but running your business and serving your clients requires your full attention. That’s why they love you!

However, when you do a quick Google search for online writing services, all kinds of things pop up. You see words like “professional writers,” “freelance services,” “cheapest services with fast turnarounds,” “best writing agency.”

But what you don’t see are names of actual people.

If you’re like me, when searching for a service provider, your first thoughts are probably:

“Is there an actual person I can talk to discuss my project?”

“Why do I have to provide my email to get more information?”

“Can I just tell you what I’m needing and go from there?”

These agencies and service providers will provide content, but most are not customizable. You’ll either pay a large amount for a one-time project, or be prompted to set up a long-term subscription for very basic services. You may not even get a chance to talk to your writer. How can they possibly nail down your brand’s voice and write content that lines up with your goals and target audience if they don’t even know you?

They can’t.

5 Reasons to Use a Freelance Writer

1. Customized Projects

Maybe you need a few pages of your website written as well as monthly newsletters, a couple of social media posts, and a blog post. Maybe you’re not even sure yet what you need and want to go on a month-to-month basis. When you hire an individual freelance writer or copywriter, you can explain your needs and complete projects as needed. You will have the same writer every time who will cater to your individualized needs over time.

2. Direct Communication

Set up phone calls and email your writer as-needed. You’ll have someone you can count on to respond and get to your needs in a timely manner. Freelance writers usually take on a few clients at a time so they can provide the best service possible, and part of that includes accessible, reliable correspondence.

3. Edits & Revisions

If the first draft didn’t quite hit the mark, or maybe something inspired you to go a different route. OR, maybe you have drafts already written and just need someone to revise them. When you hire a freelance writer, you can work together to create a polished content, which often includes edits and revisions that quick and “convenient” online services may not provide. Working one-on-one with your writer or editor will lead to content you can’t wait to share – content that truly reflects your brand and mission.

4. Collaboration

In today’s online world, everything is convenient, but quality is severely lacking. I truly believe that authentic collaboration between genuinely connected people leads to better results. Sure, McDonalds is fine sometimes, but your taste buds know the difference between a chef-inspired dish and fast food. So does your target audience.

5. Personalized Service

All small businesses look and run differently. Are you a boutique that sells trendy clothing to young adults? Or maybe you’re a wedding and event planner. A nutrition and wellness consultant? You need content that fits your individual business model, and that’s hard to get through an obscure online writing service.

Not sure if you need a writer? I’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have. Drop a line – or two or three – at Your email will go right to my inbox. No automated messages and robots here!

Happy writing!


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