Establish Connection &
Maintain Presence

Keeping up with a blog consistently is a daunting task -- especially when you have to post so many photos along with it. I offer customized blogging solutions, from content-only packages to monthly blog management (including photo formatting). Take advantage of your blog to promote your brand, products, & services. Blogging effectively builds online presence & makes your site easily searchable on Google. By consistently publishing search-engine optimized posts, you will generate traffic & engagement.


Update & Polish

Every organization or business needs copy that translates who they are & what they do in writing. I partner with you to update your existing website content so that it's fresh, attractive, and search-engine friendly. Together, we'll create content that informs & guides your readers to take the next step with you. Let's bring your ideas & messaging to life. 


Refine & Sharpen

Do you already some great material that just needs refining? I would love to help make your work shine! I enjoy gathering drafts and making necessary revisions to ensure that your message resonates clearly for optimal impact.


Engage & Influence

One of the best ways to maintain online presence is through social media. Depending on your business, platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter provide excellent avenues to stay in touch with your audience. Use social media to describe your product, show how it works, build community, and inform them of updates and promotions. We can help you strategize & manage multiple social media accounts.