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Elise's Edits | 5 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Have you ever perused the internet in search of a small-business service such as photography or lodging? Or maybe you were looking up local specialty restaurants and unique entertainment while on vacation. You clicked on their website and couldn't quite find what you're looking for. You couldn't decipher the service description, hours of operation, or even their location (much less pricing). Their unorganized website and unavailable content seemed off-putting and unprofessional, so you moved on to another option that seemed more proficient.

Impressing Your Audience

As a small business owner, you know that your skills, talents, or products are worth investing in, but your website must convey your professionalism to your audience. Here are 5 reasons you should consider outsourcing your copywriting to a freelance writer:

1. Save Time

You are great at what you do, and you'd rather invest your time in your craft than spending hours creating content. Writer's block is not fun for anyone, especially when it takes time away from meeting with clients and fueling your passion. Enlist a writer to do it for you!

2. Save Money

If you own a small business or run a nonprofit, you probably don't want to hire on a full- or even part-time employee to write your material. Sometimes you'll need new copy, but other times you may go a week or two before needing anything. When you partner with a freelancer, you only pay for what you need - and only when you need it. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

3. Enhance Your Image

When you hire a professional to write your material, your writer will gather your ideas, goals, and expertise and translate your talents into impactful words that will engage, entice, and persuade. Your writer will expertly showcase your work, and readers will see your business in the best light possible.

4. Drive Traffic

In today's online world, the best way to find clients is through online networking. The only way for people to find you is by consistently publishing fresh content to your website or social media platforms. The more content you publish, the easier search engines can find you, which translates into more traffic to your site from potential clients. But you can't just publish any content. It should be professional and search-engine optimized by utilizing keywords. My experience with SEO blog writing can help you take your website (and business) to the next level.

5. Increases Brand Awareness

As you publish more content, readers will have more material to research who you are. As they learn about your brand and what you do, they'll be more inclined to reach out, engage, and inquire about your services.

Ready to put your actions into words? I'd love to help! Get in touch to find out about my a la carte, project-based services. Needing more? Let me know, and we can personalize a plan that fills your needs.

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