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Elise's Edits | The Helping Hand Every Small Business Needs

Recently, several people have been asking me what I do. After explaining that I’m a content writer – or a copywriter – or a ghost writer – or whatever you want to call it, I usually (understandably) get a few blank stares. What in the world is that?!

Then I explain that I write for other people, usually small businesses, entrepreneurs, or organizations who are busy making a difference in the world and need a helping hand to keep up with their online content, weekly blogs, or marketing material without hiring on a full-time employee. I offer personalized, a-la-carte, only-when-you-need it writing services for those who have their hands full pursuing their passions to sit at a computer for hours at a time trying to keep up with fresh content.

Why do I do it?

Why not just write for myself? It’s not really my personality. Sure, I’m passionate about a lot of things, but I enjoy helping others even more. I’m a natural listener, and hearing other people’s stories, dreams, and ideas to make the world a better place puts the wind in my sails. I love taking a friend’s idea and forming it into words to help push that idea forward.

Introducing Your Ideas to the Internet

For example, last week I received a call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while. Sara’s* an incredibly talented business woman, and although we live in different cities and have kiddos to care for, we’ve kind of kept up with each other via social media. Over the past couple years, I’ve watched her already-successful business blossom even more. She’s been an inspiration to me since I met her. And even after the birth of her beautiful daughter, Sara somehow managed to keep rocking her business while being the most wonderful mama, too!

So, when I got the call that she had seen my writing service posts and had a few ideas she wanted to run by me, I couldn’t wait to hear what she had in mind.

As Sara explained her next project, I was amazed. She and her husband had come up with something that would not just help grow her business and make her stand out among the rest, it would also serve as an invaluable and needed resource for so many families in her area.

Her project is a worthwhile endeavor, and although it is not my own expertise, it is something I feel passionate about, too. By collaborating, we can take each other’s strengths and make something even greater than we could do on our own. Although she is skilled in writing and could certainly write engaging content herself, her business project requires that she focus her time and effort elsewhere.

writing for small business

Meanwhile, I can come alongside her as a helping hand to deliver pre-scheduled content to publish weekly as she needs it. All she has to do is submit her topic with a couple points, ideas, or references, and I translate it into a polished, search-engine-optimized post. Instead of worrying about organizing and writing weekly posts, Sara can focus on her clients and providing the best service to them. Instead of staying up late to keep up with content, she can spend that precious time with family.

writing for small business

Not sure if this is for you? No problem. I’m not a subscription service. Call or message, and we can set up one trial post or twenty scheduled posts – it’s completely up to you! Forgot to write next month’s newsletter and can’t find time to get it done? Submit a content request with no future obligation! I’d love to hear from you.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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